Top 5 Best Diaper Pails of 2022 Buying Guide

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Perhaps seeking the best diaper pail for your kid is among the most challenging tasks. I’m sure you are sick and tired of the “splendid” smell that goes together with changing a dozen dirty diapers every day.

For that reason, it is important that you choose a good diaper pail for odor control in your house. Yet, there are a variety of pails in terms of quality. Below I’ll show you the 5 best diaper pails available in the market, which will somehow help you in your hunt for pails. Not only will they do their job but also withstand extreme use.

List of The Best Diaper Pail Reviews

1. Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail, Gray

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I’m glad to show you the most favored brand of diaper pail in today’s market – the Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail. This product comes in a wide range of 16 different colors as well as designs, for example, navy, gray, pink, and also white clouds and black triangles. It’s probably quite expensive as you may think. But, believe me, you’ll then find it one of the worthiest investments you’ve ever made. This is mainly because even when there are ten dirty diapers in the nursing room, your house still smells fresh and clean like a daisy.

The material of Ubbi pail is steel coated in powder. Its seals are made of rubber to contain the odors. What’s more, this item’s design has been upgraded to boost its capacity of breakage prevention. The pail also comes with a covered rim to make sure the inside stuff won’t spill out when it is open.

Similarly, if you have more than one kid in your home, the Ubbi pail also offers a childproof lock as well as an easy disposal system. With these features, you can still be calm when other kids try to get into or knock over the pail since its contents won’t spill out. Its size is perfect: with the shape of a sleek oval, the pail fits right in narrow places but is still spacious enough to hold 50 diapers at most.

Finally, you can use any cloth liner or common tall kitchen bag with this Ubbi pail. This means you can save quite a lot compared to other pails that require high-priced, inconvenient and rare refills.


  • Steel with a powder coat and rubber seals to contain odors
  • No need for a special bag
  • Upgraded bag holder’s design to prevent breakage
  • Offering a covered rim to keep the bag from ripping open and with improved insertion mechanism to prevent rubber gasket from falling
  • A safety lock to keep off children
  • Extra product details


  • The hole needs to bigger
  • It’s quite rough
  • You should be CAREFUL with the piece made of plastic that keeps the bag in place and the rubber “gasket”

2. Dekor Diaper Plus Diaper Disposal System

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The potentially tiring task of changing diapers for your baby is made more delightful than ever by Diaper Dekor Plus. This pail helps store dirty diapers effectively and discreetly thanks to an impressive, odor-free disposal system receptacle. This pail can act as both a diaper container in your misery with its pleasant contemporary design and an elegant trash bin in bathroom or kitchen when it’s not used for baby’s diapers any longer.

This pail brings about the greatest benefit – there’s no need to stuff soiled diapers using any squeegee gadget. The trap door can open as soon as you drop a diaper on it. Plus, there’s a foot pedal to open the pail without using hands. To avoid spills all of sudden, the pail features a step-and-drop design, limiting the chance of your kid or pets trying to tip out the diapers. You can totally use the pail with just one hand (and foot).

This product comes with an integrated line cutter too for simpler removal as well as disposal. The size of this pail takes many parents by amazement. It can accommodate up to 46 diapers till you change a new bag. Impressive, isn’t it? When the pail is sold, it is fully assembled. Though it requires a special liner put inside, lots of parents said a garbage bag that absorbs odor could also do a good job.

The storage of 46 diapers at most is due to its capacity of 13 gallons inside its dimension of 22.2 x 13.5 x 9.5. Get ready to make the most of the features this pail offers. And don’t worry about setting up the Dekor pail as it comes fully assembled.


  • This discreet and convenient diaper disposal system keeps the nursery room odor fresh
  • Step-and-drop design helps keep off kids and pets
  • Sleek and contemporary design can contain 46 diapers at most
  • Includes integrated, door-mounted liner cutter for simple removal, tying and disposal
  • It is a good value for money


  • You cannot know the time when the liner is full
  • Due to the step and drop design, it will possibly smell stinky

3. Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Assembled Diaper Pail

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This diaper pail is ready-to-use with a full-sized refill (holds 270 diapers) already installed! You can easily remove it from the box and start using it. 9,600 Dirty Diapers is the average baby soils in their first three years. You can trust the job of the best diaper disposal. The pail contains an Inbuilt Odor Controlling Antimicrobial and also double-air tight clamps to help lock in odors so that they can’t get through that.

The Carbon Filter policy is going to be waiting at the top of the bin to help capture smells that try to sneak out, which helps the nursery smells sweeter.


  • Foot pedal to step on and toss the pedal when you’re busy holding the baby. No need to touch the pail anymore.
  • You don’t have to bend because the pail is designed to have a perfect height which let user toss the diaper without bending.
  • Changing the bag has never been simpler with a front tilt bin. You just have to pull the full bag through the cutter and tie a knot at the end. With just a few seconds.
  • This product can contain up to 270 diapers, with odor lock protection. What a great pail to have!


  • Sometimes the sides didn’t shut all the way.
  • Can’t be replaced by regular trash bags.

4. Munchkin Step Diaper Pail Powered by Arm & Hammer

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Similar to diaper pails of Munchkin Arm and Hammer, this model also features the same self-sealing system and a childproof lock and other aspects. This is understandable since both are from one manufacture.

What makes this pail mainly different is the foot pedal for easy operation with one hand. Below is the greatest and unique thing this pail offers.

A glance at the inside of the pail will help you notice a dispenser that contains lavender-odor baking soda. This dispenser works well to neutralize the bad odor from soiled diapers, effectively absorbing the stink and releasing the lavender fragrance at the same time. Hence, don’t ever worry about the foul smell of diapers whenever the lid is opened.

The pail also comes with another lid to place a seal on the disposal liner, which incredibly locks away the smell. Yet, my advice is you close it right after you drop the used diaper to ensure no sneaky smell escapes suddenly.

I’m sure you will love this diaper pail due to its dual-refill compatibility. According to Munchkin, this pail is the only one supporting whatever from rings, snaps, seal to toss bags. That is to say, there is a wide range of options for you. Very convenient, isn’t it?


  • The superior odor control system
  • Supports rings and snap as well as seal and toss bags
  • Easy to monitor the diaper collection
  • Very useful lavender-scented baking soda dispenser
  • Self-sealing system- seals the bag completely when the lid closes


  • Rather small capacity (30 diapers)
  • The lid needs pushing down to lock.
  • Baking soda needs to be refilled frequently, causing extra expense.

5. Dekor Plus Hands-Free Diaper Pail, Gray

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If you don’t like touching the diaper bin when throwing diapers, this Dekor pail will perfectly solve your problem. True to its name, it is 100 percent hands-free. All you need to do is open its seal by stepping on the pedal, drop the used diaper, and get the job done. When it comes to smell resistance, this pail does the job incredibly with the help of 3-layer odor control.

The 1st layer is a trap door loaded with spring. This layer closes all the time to hold the odor, but will automatically open when you throw onto it a diaper. The second layer is made of ABS plastic which is resistant to odor absorption. The remaining layer on top is a rubber seal that helps contain the odor to ensure no nasty smell permeates the surrounding air. Its versatility is one more great feature. Just by a single act of removing its trap door, you can turn the diaper pail into a regular trash bin. And of course, both cases are hands-free. Whatever purposes you choose, it is big enough to store a lot of stuff. Compared to other pail models from Dekor, this Plus pail has the biggest storage of up to 60 diapers.

Moreover, this diaper pail features a continuous refill liner. This liner is specially designed so that you can easily cut it at the top part of the refuse, then tie another knot at the bottom to make a new “liner”. Thus, it is hassle-free to empty the trash. There’s no need to replace the liner, you just shorten it for longer use.


  • A smart design that features hands-free foot pedal along with continuous refill liner
  • Highest capacity in our list of best diaper pails
  • Very effective odor control with 3 layers
  • Various colors (black, blue, pink, etc.)
  • Cheap price


  • You have to push the spring-loaded trap door to check whether or not the pail is full.
  • The continuous liner is not included when purchasing.

How to Choose The Best Diaper Pail?

We believe here are the factors at work when it comes to shopping for a diaper pail:

Odor Control – the extent to which the pail can hold up the stinky odor of dirty diapers. This also deals with the case when the diaper is not dirty after using it.

Total Cost of Ownership – the estimated cost of possessing and using the diaper pail in total, not excluding replacement refills bags, over the assumed product’s lifespan.

Ease of Diaper Disposal – the level of ease or straightforwardness when you, with one hand, get rid of the dirty diaper and hold the baby in the other.

Ease of Bag Change – the level of ease to change a bag full of dirty diapers, and whether this process creates any stinky vomit-inducing smells.


All in all, a diaper pail acts as not only a great alternative but a must-have tool as well. It does a lot of wonders in making your nursery room daisy fresh and your baby healthy all the time.

Whether the kind of diaper you are using is cloth or disposable, these pails are your great companion when it comes to managing the stinky odor from dirty diapers and keeping your nursery as fresh as a daisy.

We hope this article has come in handy in your hunt for the best pail used for cloth diapers. In case you think we miss any other good diaper containers, feel free to tell us by commenting below.

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