How to Make a Pop-up Birthday Card: 6 Simple DIY Steps for 3D Cake Pop up

Pop-up cards? Yes, they are now everywhere! 

Sending your loved ones with greeting cards through social media is now more popular. But still, more people appreciate the usual greeting card format, like the pop-up cards, especially for birthday greetings. 

Pop-up cards are great for any occasion. Celebrants cherish handmade pop-up cards because they send heartfelt messages rather than those ready-made messages sent online. The greetings even become more meaningful than cards bought from stores. 

Personal greetings on a card for someone you love seem more special. There are a lot of video tutorials online, but we think you also need written instructions. So, here is how to make a pop-up card in quick and easy steps. We decide to do the pop-up cake card in 3D so you will learn the basics.

Materials & tools you will need

  • A6 card stock (or a piece of folded A5 card)
  • Bond or white paper (or your paper choice)
  • Contrasting paper or use markers for decoration
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Glue stick

Step-by-step instructions for making a pop-up birthday card 

One of the more popular pop-up birthday cards is the cake cut-out. We will show you how to do it. But if you want a different design or template for other occasions, you can shop online.

The cake will be a 3-layer one with candles on top of each layer. Here is the step-by-step procedure.

Step 1: Start with candles and cake toppers.

The candle toppers will affect the measurement of the rest of the cake. So, better start with them, but keep them simple. Cut at least nine paper candles in any color you want. It will make three candle toppers on each layer. Set them aside after cutting. 

Step 2: Prepare your homemade birthday card.

Get your card stock and use it as a guide. Cut the A5 card stock at least 1cm on each edge so it will look cute inside the A6 paper. Fold it in half and set it aside for a while.

Step 3: Calculating or measuring the cake layers

Get your candles that you set aside earlier. Line them with the folded paper using glue: then measure the top and bottom of the cake. 

Divide the top space on each layer into three equal parts on the spine. The bottom layer of the cake should be almost half the length of the paper (card).

Step 4 Cutting the cake layers and popping them out

Using your scissors, make four cuts on the card; there should be two long cuts (about 5cm in length), one medium cut (3.5cm), and one small cut (2cm). Once you have drawn the lines: cut them into slits with the proper length. The distance between cuts should be about 4cm.

Step 5: Making the cake tiers pop up

Here is the best part of the exercise: popping out the cake tiers. 

Once you cut the different lengths, fold them along the cuts. Then, fold open the paper and reverse the pleats. The folded cake layers will appear in 3D, making them more visible on a folded card.

Step 6: It’s time to assemble the birthday card.

Attach the paper to the cardstock using your glue stick. Do it one side at a time and press tightly to secure. 

Your birthday card is done! Your 3D birthday cake pop-up card is ready for delivery!

Tips: You can add other decors to the cake, like glitters, ribbons, or lace. You can use several motifs for weddings or anniversaries: and other pop-up designs. Fortunately, several templates are available online if you want ready-made designs.


Knowing how to make a pop-up birthday card does not need intricate tools. They are just lying around the house. But the message a pop-up birthday card can do is probably next to extraordinary: It makes your loved ones feel more special.

Here’s another easy cake décor pop-up 3D birthday card design:

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