Should You Wake a Sleeping Baby?

should you wake a sleeping baby

Some people say that “never wake a sleeping baby,” but that’s not true, especially in the newborn stage. For the first few weeks, mothers should focus on breastfeeding to help keep them healthy and fast.

An average infant needs to be breastfed every 2-3 hours, which means that he or she is fed around 8-12 times a day.

Moreover, it is very imperative to train your baby to follow the right time when to sleep and when to wake up. Baby should be taught to know how to distinguish the day and night.

Should you wake a sleeping baby? Follow my article to have some tips about waking a sleeping baby.

Sleeping time of the newborn

Infants spend most of their time in their sleep. Their average total sleep time is around 16-18 hours per day.

For a newborn baby, some may sleep 22 hours a day, which is typical for a sleeping process of the baby.

However, neonatal sleep is quite erratic, and the sleep cycle is very short.

Before three months, the child will sleep between 2-4 hours, sometimes less or more.

It takes at least six months for your baby to set up his biological clock, which means he or she will sleep on time, and be more fluent in sleep.

After six months, the child will sleep the total time of 12-14 hours/day. Long night shift from 6-8 hours, the short nap is 1-2 hours or more.

Where are the reasons come from?

Infants are accustomed to sleeping in the womb and not used to the outside world.

Infants have small stomachs, easily filled, fast, and sleepy. When you do something, it will quickly run out of energy, hungry, easy to get tired, easy to fall asleep.

Newborns, unknown, or lying, thus stimulating sleep.

Sleep helps children recover quickly when they are sick.

Babies are easily lulled by the soft voice and the mantle of the mother.

All the smallest elements such as light, temperature, illness, food, etc. also affect the sleep of the baby.

Should you wake newborn to eat at night?

Yes, because nutrition is the most important factor for the development of the baby! Most babies need at least 600ml of milk a day to meet basic needs. It is important to wake a baby to feed at night.

Until several months later, most infants have not had a stable sleep schedule and have not been able to sleep long. At around this age, your baby usually only sleeps about 1 hour for up to 3 hours (if you’re lucky). It mean that you will feed him many times – from 8-12 times / 24 hours.

Most babies will “wake up” themselves and wake up when they are hungry for food, but if they do not wake up, they need to wake up.

Babies who are dehydrated often get tired, but when they are tired, they are more likely to become sleepy, suckle, suck less, and the result is less water. Take care to avoid getting caught in this vicious cycle.

In short, you need to wake up your baby to feed, and to breastfeed him; if he does not automatically wake up every 2-3 hours. And remember, most babies need about 600ml of milk (formula or formula) each day. They are about 90ml each time they feed.

Should you wake a sleeping baby to change nappy?

I’m sure that most of you are confused about this, should you wake a newborn to change diapers? Let’s see the answer!

Mother often change their nappies for fear of dirt, itching and sleepless nights. But when the baby is awakened to change poopy diaper they will start crying and feel uncomfortable.

Standard way: Baby’s sleep is very important, it is not worth it to just to wake your baby to change nappy. Use a good quality absorbent diaper to keep your baby’s buttocks wet, if the baby is wet or uncomfortable, the baby will cry to remind the mother to change diapers, not necessarily to wake the baby to change diapers.

When they get the fever, should you wake a sleeping baby up?

Young children should not wrap diapers tightly, do not cover more blankets. Older children need to take off their clothes.

High fever, fever with a cough, wheezing, shortness of breath, vomiting or diarrhea, fever with rash, earache, earache, or swelling of the ear, fever accompanied by fever Severe headache, sore throat, abdominal pain should be examined as soon as possible.

Infants between 3-6 months of age, children 6-12 months, the body temperature exceeds 39°C, when children cough a lot, difficulty breathing, vomiting, cold fever, not eating, drinking or have bleeding hemorrhoids, red dots on the skin, nosebleeds, bleeding gums, vomiting color, poop turn black like coffee grounds will need to see the doctor soon.

Especially children with fever with sleep symptoms, difficult to wake up, the night must also be taken to the hospital immediately, should not reduce the fever themselves at home again.

If your child has a fever or persists for more than 48 hours, accompanied by vomiting, coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, take the child to medical facilities for medical examination, and treatment and avoid unfortunate consequences.


I hope after reading my article, you will have enough information about waking a sleeping baby. Thank you for reading, and I will see you later!

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