Your Baby Sleeping With Eyes Open – How Is That? … Why?

baby sleeping with eyes open

The difficulty of parenting is to bring a good sleep for your baby. It would be best to provide a peaceful sleep to your baby within a couple of hours. However, do you know what you should do if your baby sleeping with eyes open?

It sounds amusing, but this is probably an alarm problem. Correspondingly, you need to know the reasons why your baby sleeps like that. Let’s see!!!

Why Your Baby Sleeps with His Eyes Open – Finding the Answers…

Your Baby Sleeping with His Eyes Open Is Normal, Isn’t He?

Parents can easily recognize that their newborn baby sleep with eyes open. This one makes you wonder: has he slept or still awake? You can sometimes notice his/her eyes slightly open, flickering or even wide open.

In case your baby has these signs, don’t be too worried. These ones may be a special sleeping habit of your baby. Essentially, they are entirely normal.

In fact, there are plenty of causes in order to explain for these signs, apart from the babies have the abnormalities, discomfort, fever, for example. At that time, your kid will need the intervention of the doctor.

Why Do Your Baby’s Eyes Open When Sleeping?

The case of the infants sleeping with their eyes open is relatively common. This one is not necessary to keep the wide-opening eyes, but the eyes nearly open.

Basically, there are two major reasons to help you understand why your baby sleeps with his eyes open in a clear way.

1. Genetics

The babies sleeping with their eyes open may be a genetic issue, some researchers pointed out.

Accordingly, in case you or your husband/wife has this habit, the ability to inherit this habit from you is very high.

2. Medical condition

This is not a common reason and even difficult to happen. A couple of doctors assume that those who sleep with eyes open might be a damaged sign of the nerve, the problems related to the thyroid gland, and the various types of tumors.

If you recognize the baby sleeping with his/her eyes open for a long period of time, let’s take him/her to a doctor.

In What Way Can You Make Your Baby Sleep with Eyes Closed?

Even though you have known that it is not a serious problem when sleeping with eyes open, the right thing to do is to prevent it. Nonetheless, by what means?

Exactly, there is no any medicine, which has the ability to help the babies sleep with their eyes closed. But, it does not mean that you must worry about that.

As a whole, the newborn babies will begin sleeping with their eyes closed when they get 18 months. As a result, your task is to wait.

Nevertheless, you’d like to help your baby get rid of this habit sooner, right? Simply, stroke the baby’s eyelids until closed. Importantly, you must ensure that the infants still sleep well when you do that.

Like that, when sleeping with eyes closed, the sleep of your children is going to be better because they will not be wakened by the light around them.

*Some tips to help the baby sleep well:

Sleeping with eyes open is not a big problem at the infants. But, if the babies wake up each of hours, parents ought to follow the tips below:

  • Let the baby sleep on his/her back. The air flow will be encouraged, so it protects him/her from suffocation. At once, it still makes sure the comfortable posture.
  • Take all pillows, toys, blankets, teddy, and more from your baby so as to avoid the air flow to get blocked.
  • For the trouble-sleeping babies, parents should create a routine to relax before sleeping. For example, bath with warm water, tell a story or sing a lullaby.


Remember that sleeping with eyes open is normal with the infants under 12 months of the ages. On the contrary, the babies from 12 to 18 months having this sign should be considered a careful way.

If worried about your baby sleeping with eyes open frequently, you can take him/her to the doctor to get the certain instructions.

In fact, it hopes that parents can understand the reason why the babies sleep with eyes open. In case you have any questions, please, let a comment below. We will answer as soon as possible. Good healthy!!!

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