What Is 12 Month Sleep Regression? All You Need to Know

12 month sleep regression

Having a baby is obviously the greatest happiness in the world. However, apart from that, I am sure that you also feel highly nervous, especially at the first time, because you do not know how to take care of your little angel.

One of the biggest issues that you will have to face is the sleep regressions, particularly 12 month sleep regression that could make you exhausted. Today article will provide you a full explanation and how to address it.

What is a sleep regression?

This phrase refers to a period of about 1 to 4 weeks when your infant or toddler that has had a deep sleep but suddenly begins skipping naps or staying awake at night for no particular reason.

Normally, parents are not prepared for this tough situation. You thought that you have succeeded in controlling all sleep challenges of your baby, but unexpectedly, you get back to nonexistent naps and night wakings.

Sleep regression could be very frustrating
Sleep regression could be very frustrating

Is there a 12 month sleep regression?

Remember that every baby has a different condition so that it might be true to babies of your friends, but it does not need to be true to your situation. Hence, your child could start showing signs at different stages.

Back to the question ‘Is there a 12 month sleep regression?’. The answer is definitely yes! As a lot of parents reported, it does not heavily influence as other types do. To be honest, at any stages, there are plenty of things that you, as parents, need to handle with naps.

You could see that your baby refuses the second nap which is often assumed to be a usual nap transition and the child is now ready for one nap per day. However, you should treat this as sleep regression as they are not ready for that transition till 15 months.

How to deal with 12 month sleep regression?

You have known what 12-month sleep aggression is and when it might occur. Now it is time for how to treat sleep regression well to take your night sleeps back.

And here are several tips that could help you address this tough condition

#1. Extra feedings

My first recommendation is to offer your extra infant feedings before putting them in the crib. One of the contributing factor to sleep regression might be growth spurts, so do be frightened of providing extra feedings (both daytime and nighttime).

Keep calm because this condition is not permanent and you will be back to your usual schedule. If you are confusing about feeding your baby, especially bottle feeding, let’s see the following instruction!

#2. Provide your baby with comfort when needed but do not make a new bad habit

Cuddles and kisses are necessary things you will do during the regression, and it is totally fine! However, please stay away from forming bad sleep associations, for example, nursing him or her to sleep, or often rocking the child gently to sleep.

Apart from that, you should avoid restoring the previous annoying habits. If your baby was weaned off her pacifier, for instance, do not try to give him or her the pacifier during the regression.

#3. Solicit help as well as believe in your partner

As I mentioned above, sleep regression often lasts from 1 to 4 weeks, in some cases, it might be six weeks. If you planned and did everything, from working, house chores and taking care of the baby on your own, I am sure that you will become awfully tired very soon.

My suggestion for you is to ask your partner, family or friends for help even with the housework or handling your annoying little angel. Again, do not take too much!

#4. Earlier bedtime

According to recent research, a sleep regression is one of the contributing factors to missed sleep at very young age. Consequently, overtiredness is something that your baby could not avoid causing more missed sleep.

Hence, to prevent your infant from suffering from missed sleep, give him or her an early bedtime if required.


Okay. I have walked you through what is 12-month sleep regression as well as how to handle it with a few useful tips which are extra feeding, providing comfort, asking for help and giving early bedtime.

I know that raising a baby is not easy at all, but you can make it become happy and unforgettable memories instead of worrying about and getting tired of it.

If you have any questions or other interesting advice that you want to share, leave a comment to let me know. Finally, you love post today, do not hesitate to click ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ with your friends.

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