How To Get Baby To Sleep In Bassinet – Here Is The Complete Walkthrough

how to get baby to sleep in bassinet

For many parents, getting their baby to sleep in the bassinet is such a struggle. The baby may fall asleep nursing, in parents’ arms, in her carrier, swing or bouncer. But whenever she is put in the bassinet, she will wake and start crying. And if you are fighting the same problem, you are not alone. Thus, this piece of writing will provide the guide, tips, and trick on how to get baby to sleep in bassinet.

Why is it important to get baby to sleep in the bassinet?

Independence formation

A good sleeping habit involves the baby sleeping in his own place. And getting him sleep in his own bassinet is the very first step in forming the independence in the future. Even though it may take you quite a while to make your baby familiar with this habit, it’s worth your time and effort to accomplish this task.

More relaxation for parents

In most cases, parents resort to co-sleeping as the solution when the baby cries it out and avoid to sleep alone. However, it’s important to understand that this should not be an option over the long run.

No baby happily sleeps alone at the first attempt. But getting her to sleep alone is not something impossible to strive for. It’s tough at first, but then when the baby accepts sleeping without parents around, it’d be such a relief for the moms and dads at night.

Reduction in the risk of separation anxiety

We all want a strong emotional attachment with our baby. But when in an excessive manner, the baby is likely to develop separation anxiety. As the baby becomes to “sticky” to their parents, she will refer “sleeping alone” as “parents don’t care me anymore”. Consequently, this feeling may develop to stress, depression, or stubborn behaviors.

Why do babies hate sleeping in the bassinet?

Before getting to know how to get baby to sleep in bassinet, it’s crucial to understand why they may avoid doing it.

Familiarity with parents’ bed

The baby may have a preference toward their parents’ bed than his own sleeping space. This preference may stem from several factors: atmosphere, temperature, furniture arrangement, the softness of cushion and pillow, and even the wall color/pattern.

Strong attachment with parents

This is a popular reason for most babies. And more than often we call it separation anxiety. When they parents are not around, the baby feel lonely and unsafe. She may then cry it out or display negative manners to attract parents’ attention.

Fear of wide open space

Some parents think that a wide open space is ideal for the baby to feel comfortable and breathable. Unfortunately, many babies are afraid of the wide open space. Even worse, the room can become an obsession, keeping the baby too scared to feel sleepy.

How to get your baby to sleep in bassinet?

Create a consistent routine

With consistent routines and cues for sleep, the baby is likely to get sleepy in anticipation when she is in the bassinet. Before putting her to sleep, it’s ideal time to bath, feed, put on a fresh diaper, read a story or sing some lullabies.

Some babies get their days and nights mixed up. They may nap for a long period and then stay awake at bedtime. To fix this, you need to ensure the consistency of the daily routine. Wake him up early in the morning and get him into the routine of always waking up at the same time every day.

Ensure the ideal sleeping environment for your baby

Before being able to sleep in the bassinet, your baby needs to feel familiar and comfortable it. Thus, it’s important to introduce the baby with the bassinet, nurse him, feed him, and play with him in the bassinet. Gradually, the bond is established, which makes it easier for the baby to settle in.

And to ensure your baby finds her sleeping condition enjoyable, create fun inside the room and have a check on all essentials for a good sleep. The checklist should at least include temperature, airiness, light, smell, cushion, blanket, and pillow.

Ensure the ideal sleeping environment

Give your baby some practices

It’s ideal to have your baby still awake when you put him in the bassinet. At the end of the day, when he is full and ready to sleep, let him fall asleep on his own. Eventually, the baby will understand that sleeping is actually something he can do on his own.

Practice is the key to get your baby familiar with sleeping alone. In combination with consistent routines, practicing can take less time and effort. During this practice time, don’t forget to keep your eyes on your baby.

If your baby still yearns for nighttime feedings, it’s a good time to accentuate the difference between day and night. During the day, feed him in a time of high activity, so that when you start to tickle his feet and sing songs, he will perceive the difference. Avoid stimulating the baby before sleep, keep the relaxing mood while dimming the light.

Swaddle, swaddle, swaddle

Your baby spent a long time the womb. For this reason, it’s beneficial to recreate this cozy feeling for your baby. Swaddling is a great source of relaxation. It also helps to keep the baby from startle reflex that may wake him up in the middle of the night.

Besides offering the comfort, swaddling keeps the baby to lie firmly inside the bassinet. We definitely don’t want him to roll over and wake himself up during his sleep. One important note in swaddling is the pressure. “Gentle” is the keyword, with this comfort, your baby is more likely to sleep throughout the night.

Prepare a soothing toy as co-sleeper

Prepare a soothing toy as co-sleeper

Having a soothing toy is especially beneficial for babies that are high-demanding for cuddles. A soft toy that makes no sound is ideal to be around your baby. This toy can provide the social outlet, which to some extent helps the baby to feel safer and more relaxable.

When being alone can scare the baby, this toy can act as a helpful companion. It’s like having a friend sleeping with him. And over time, the baby will develop the independence on his parents. He feels the sense of safety and comfort while sleeping with his favorite toy.

Feed your baby before bedtime

Hunger may cause the baby to fight sleep. She may act fussy, cry, jump around, and do everything to avoid sleeping. Thus, make sure your baby is ready for the sleep with her feeling of fullness. However, you definitely don’t want to feed him to the extent that may make him hyper and thus wants to play more instead of going to sleep.

Comfort your baby go sleep

There are several ways to soothe your baby to sleep. You can try shushing, gentle rocking, caress her hands and feet, or pat her back. Also, you can teach your baby to self-soothe to sleep. Watch this video to know more about this trick.


With a little bit of patience, parents can have a sound sleep for themselves while their baby is having a sweet dream in another room. It may take you quite a white, but it’s definitely worth your effort.

Don’t give up on the determination on establishing an independent sleeping for your baby, and your hard work will pay off. This guide on how to get baby to sleep in bassinet hopefully helps you with your plan. Thank you for reading.

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