Tips You Need To Know: What Size Shoes Does A 2 Year Old Wear?

Wondering how to choose a perfect pair of shoes for your toddler?

That is what most mothers worry about when they see their child grows up every day. While a lot of mothers are using excellent methods to discover the best shoes, others are still finding a proper way to measure their 2-year-old shoe size.

Therefore, in my article today, I will share with you the most precise method to find out which shoes your child should put on. After reading it, I believe you will have the answer for the question: What size shoes does a 2 year old wear?

What are the sizes that a 2-year-old can possibly put on?

Tips You Need To Know: What Size Shoes Does A 2 Year Old Wear?

Before having a thorough measurement on your kid’s feet size, you can try imagining in your head. Using the size standards to estimate is a good way to decide which pair of shoes may fit your baby’s feet.

A common method that housewives often use is to use their children’s age. Just multiply the age of your kid by two. Then, add two if your kid is a boy and one if that is a girl. For example, if your son is two, you will need to buy shoes at size 6. And if you have daughter, 5 is the shoe size she needs.

Besides that method, you can use recommended standards to estimate your child’s shoe size. They can be described as following:

  • 12 to 18-month-old baby: Size 5
  • 18 to 24-month-old baby: Size 6
  • 2-year-old baby: Size 7
  • 2 to 2.5-year-old baby: Size 8
  • 3-year-old baby: Size 9
  • 3.5-year-old baby: Size 10
  • 4 to 4.5-year-old baby: Size 11
  • 5-year-old baby: Size 12

Therefore, if your kid is two and basing on all the common methods to estimate, 6 or 7 is the most appropriate shoe size for him or her. To have a precise answer for the question: what size shoes does a 2 year old wear, you need to fulfill some following steps to measure your child’s feet.

How you can measure your baby’s shoe size?

Tips You Need To Know: What Size Shoes Does A 2 Year Old Wear?

It’s easy. You can read these steps and implement them at the same time.

Step 1: Tell your child to put on his or her socks

Step 2: Spread out a sheet of paper and tell your kid to stand on it

Step 3: Outline his or her feet using pencil on the paper

Step 4: Your child’s shoe size is measured by the length from his or her toe to heel. Therefore, all you have to do now is to take out a ruler and find out that length.

Step 5: After you have done measuring your kid’s feet, plus one to find out the correct shoe size. For instance, if the length from your child’s toe to heel is 5 inch, he or she will fit size 6.

And with every 1/6 inch of feet length, you will plus 0.5 shoe size. It means that if that length is 5 1/6 inches, your kid will fit size 6.5.

Step 6: Lastly, your kid needs to try shoes on. There are various manufacturers in the market nowadays and each of them creates different shapes and sizes. Putting the shoes on for trial is the most efficient way to find out which ones are perfect fit for your kid.

Remember to try shoes on both of your feet to avoid distinguished sizes.

Some tips to buy the best shoes for your child:

• Always buy a little larger shoes size than the real one

The reason for that is because your child grows up very quickly. A lot of kids need only 10 to 11 months to increase their shoe size from 6 to 8. Therefore, picking a bit larger shoes than their feet will make them feel more comfortable when moving.

• Choose shoes for your kid with the sheet of paper

Remember the sheet of paper that you tell your kid to stand on and outline his feet? If you find it inconvenient to bring him or her with you and try on all the shoes, just take that sheet of paper with you. Basing on that, you will be able to purchase the most fantastic and perfect fit for your child.

• Buy shoes right after you measure

If you wait a couple of weeks after you measure, your child may grow. Therefore, you should purchase new shoes for him right after your measure. Or you can measure his or her feet before the time you often go shopping.


Thank you for reading my article about: What size shoes does a 2 year old wear? After all, it’s not so hard to find out the most perfect shoes for your baby, is it?

If you like this article, do share it with your friends and any parents you think that it will help. And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave it down below. I would be glad to answer. Regardless, I will see you in my subsequent article. Goodbye.

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