Cute Moments Of Puppies And Babies That Will Melt Your Heart

puppies and babies

There’s nothing greater for your babies than having a puppy to be the best friend. The moment when you watch your puppies and babies play together is really interesting. In this post, we want to share with you several cute moments of puppies and babies as well as some safe tips for introducing them.

Sweetest Moments of Puppies and Babies

Do you know that puppies have their own celebration day? It is March 23rd that is marked as the National Puppy Day! Yay! In order to celebrate this, we would like to share with you some cute moments between puppies and babies – when they start the friendship and when they play together:

The Cutie Meets The Fluffy

The cute Sophia is having her first meet with Missy Puffers – the family puppy. Look how interesting she is while playing with the puppy and her father’s beard. On the other hand, Missy Puffers seems very carefully to avoid hurting Sophia, and she even gives the baby the welcome – home licks. However, as I told you above, don’t let the baby pull or grab puppy’s hair or tail.

Yorkie Pup Meets His Baby Owner For The First Time

The Yorkie puppy is small and cute, just like a baby. So, in this video, the cute is overloaded! The puppy is very friendly and a little bit naughty. Maybe this is the first time he has met the baby that is as cute as him, so he’s very exciting and plays with the new friend, showing his welcome by licking and even jumping on the baby. The cute baby really enjoys his welcome as well!

Baby – Puppy And Their Friendship

Who says only the puppy is more active than a baby? This little boy and his Cocker Spaniel buddy show their close-knit friendship by a head-to-head battle and licking each other. Who cares if it makes his brother “yuck!”. I can tell you how happy the puppy is; he can’t stop sniffing, licking his friend and waving his tail.

Sleepy Puppy Falls Asleep On Baby

You must watch this cute video which is currently hitting millions of views on the YouTube. Meet Callie the nanny puppy! She is a Pit/Catahoula mix puppy. Puppies spend most time of the day for sleeping, so this little puppy isn’t the exception. However, she is on her duty guarding the baby’s sleep and trying not to fall asleep. In the end, Callie starts to take a walk around and decides to lie down, right on the little sleeping baby. She is definitely a caring puppy because she lands on the baby very gently in order not to wake her up.

Shorkie Puppy And Baby Are Having A Conversation

Shorkie puppies are known for their friendliness and hypoallergenic breed so they are great friends for children of all ages. You are watching the conversation between Wicket the Shorkie puppy and baby Sophie. They seem to understand each other! Can you get what Wicket is trying to tell Sophie? We guess Wicket is asking Sophie to play with her, perhaps. Sophie looks really exciting about the invitation and replies to her very quickly.

Baby Makes Chow Puppy Confused

Here is another video about the conversation of puppy – baby couple. However, this is one-way talk. Chow dogs are easy to be recognized thanks to their cute confused face. The 15-month-old baby in this video is trying to ask Coco – the Chow – to go to the garage, he talks a lot and repeats it to Coco, but she looks so confused (just like her natural face) and just can look at him. She doesn’t understand what he is saying at all even though the baby is trying to explain to her and use his body to describe. Finally, when he is about to give up, Coco suddenly gets it and stands up.

Samoyed Puppy And Baby

Samoyed is one of the most famous types of dogs in the world due to their lovely fluffy appearance and friendliness. They are great babysitters, and you can count on them to play with your baby. This 12-week-old Samoyed puppies are so adorable and give big love to her baby human friend. The baby is enjoying it really.

Bulldog Eats The Baby’s Snack And Cries With Her

Bulldog may look savage but they are smart. This French bulldog loves to eat, he eats a lot, and he eats every time, everywhere and everything, including the baby’s snack. This video makes me laugh every time I watch. He took the snack from the baby (or the baby gives him food?), and when the baby starts to cry, he made fun of the kid by imitating the kid and left the scene to find food somewhere else. When the baby is crying out loud, he is still trying to lick the table in order to eat all the crumbs left. And when the baby stops to cry, the bulldog walks away; maybe he has found the snack for the baby?

Who Is Cuter? Golden Retriever Or The Baby Girl

This is a sweet video that had captured the moment an eight-month-old baby Ella playing with a two-month-old Golden Retriever puppy when they met in a hotel. Golden Retriever puppies are well known as cuteness and friendliness to children. This naughty Golden puppy is really interested in Ella. He does everything to have her attention, but the baby girl looks confused, and she tries to move to another place

Corgi Plays “Hide And Seek” With The Baby Boy

This video is too cute that I can’t help myself say “Aww!”. Corgi dogs have short legs and cute butts. It seems like all the parents want Corgi for their babysitter. The cute baby boy really enjoys playing “hide and seek” with Corgi that looks like a big brother who is playing with his little one.

Tips For Introducing Puppies And Babies

We all know that puppies won’t hurt babies. However, we do not know what would happen, so safety first! The following is what you should know:

  • Prepare a nest for your puppies. Any pet needs a private place to rest, so they don’t be pestered. You can use an old sweater to make a nest. Make sure the nest area is out of the reach of your children.
  • Before they have their first meet, you should let the puppy acclimate to the baby’s scent by bringing the baby’s clothes or blanket so that the puppy can get used to the smell.
  • When the puppy approaches, your babies may have different reactions such as smiling, scared, curious or even screaming, which makes the puppies feel either excited or cautious. So, it’s important to have an adult when they interact.
  • Don’t let your baby grab or pull the puppy’s hair, ears or tail. This might cause danger to your baby because the puppy may growl or snap.
  • You can let your baby treat the puppies, but only after he/she tosses the food to the floor gently. You don’t want your baby’s fingers are nipped, right?
  • Keep the safe distance from the puppy to your baby by using a gate if you can’t supervise or to avoid chaos.


Remember never let your baby alone with your dog. Like I said, the most important thing is your baby’s safety. Puppies are adorable, and they know how to be a good babysitter. But sometimes they can be overwhelming and hurt your baby. So, always keep your eyes on them and don’t forget to show your love as well!

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