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It is lovely to see a baby start learning how to crawl or walk. But at the same time, you start realizing the fact that you will need a baby gate to protect your baby.

After reading this article, you will have a better idea of the top 5 best baby gates for toddlers.

Why Do You Need Baby Gates?

Once starting crawling or walking, your baby will face many obstacles in your house. For the first time, these things seem to be harmless, for example, stairs, glass furniture or even exterior doors, but now they become dangerous.

To avoid unwanted danger, baby gates are usually installed in different places of a house. Its main function is to protect your baby from potential risks around them. It is particularly useful when you want to keep your baby far away from pets, which may be fiercely jealous.

Besides, baby gates can be used to secure the baby’s play areas, especially when you do not want to close doors and keep an eye on your baby regularly.

Top 5 Best Baby Gates

1. Summer Deco Extra Multi-Use Tall Walk-Thru Gate

1. Summer Deco Extra Multi-Use Tall Walk-Thru Gate

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The height of this baby gate is one of the most outstanding features. Though, whether it is a positive or negative feature is still controversial. Its height is reported to be up to 36’’ at the peak. Obviously, there is no need for you to reach down every time you want to open it. And the baby definitely cannot climb that high. However, it might be an obstacle for parents themselves, especially when they want the gates to be short enough for them to jump over. With the Summer Infant gate, it is certain that most of you cannot do so, even in a hurry.

Another outstanding feature of this gate is its automatic locking mechanism. This is extremely useful as you do not need to turn around to lock it. On the other hand, because of the gate’s stop bracket, your pants leg might be snagged. This, along with the gate’s narrow opening, you might experience pain.

This model seems to require a lot of effort and attention when you have to install it. If you put too much tension, the opening will be squeezed to become too narrow. As a consequence, you cannot shut the gate. So, you can notice that each feature is a pain and gain at the same time, depending on your situation. But in general, this is still one of the best baby gates you can find in the US market. People who want a baby gate for doorways will find this very useful. Despite its advertisement, it is inappropriate to use this gate for the top of the stairs. Otherwise, you might notice the risk of a tripping hazard.


  • Too high for the baby to climb
  • Bending down to open the gate is unnecessary
  • Automatic shutting and locking


  • Possibility of pain or accidents when you go through the gate in a hurry
  • Difficulty installing

2. DreamBaby Wide Auto-Close and Chelsea Extra Tall Gate

2. DreamBaby Wide Auto-Close and Chelsea Extra Tall Gate

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This model has many similar characteristics to the above-mentioned Summer Infant gate. Therefore, it belongs to the group of the best baby gates. This tension gate is claimed to very sturdy regarding its construction. Its locking mechanism is proved to be child-proof, which means that your baby can hardly damage it. This product enables parents to open the gate with one hand only, which you will be thankful for when you are carrying something. For wide openings, it is an advantage of this model. It comes up to 18’’ wide and you can notice it is better than other models.

Especially, if you purchase this gate in Amazon, extensions are even available for large openings. It makes sense when people consider it “extra wide and tall.” Moreover, the gate can swing in both directions. Also, it is automatic so that you can expect the same advantages and disadvantages as the Summer Infant. Nevertheless, there is no hold-open feature in this model. As a result, you cannot make the gate open at 90 degrees.

Also, some users reported that problems with the locking mechanisms happen about several months after. You also need to pay attention to small parts of the gate, such as nuts or screws, to prevent them from falling off. Remember to check loose parts regularly. In general, you can view this one as a great choice with many outstanding improvements. Nonetheless, you are not suggested to use it for stairs with a banister or even for the top of stairs with no wall.


  • Super wide and tall
  • If you want extensions, it is possible to do so if you buy it on Amazon
  • Child-proof locking
  • Can be opened with one hand only
  • Swinging automatically


  • No hold-open feature
  • Possible problems with locking mechanism
  • Loose parts might fall off

3. Regalo Easy Step Walk-Thru Gate

3. Regalo Easy Step Walk-Thru Gate

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​This seems to be one of the best price baby gates you can find on the market. And I think that you can see it as one of the best-looking baby gates as well. The number of this model sold every year is very impressive, although it is not used for stairs. This model’s pressure-mounting system will go against opposing walls. Normally, you can use this product if the openings are between 29 and 39’’ wide.

It is also possible to get another wider version if you need extensions. Sometimes, it can even come up to 50’’, which is such an impressive number for width. Furthermore, this model’s lever locking mechanism is considered as unique. Its use is evaluated as logical. However, many users complained about using two hands for opening at the same time. ut in most cases, you can easily open the gate with one hand. To be frank, the opening might be pretty narrow and cause difficulty when you have to go through with something on your hands.

Unlike other products on the list, the swinging system only works in one way, so you cannot reverse it. It is good for some people, but others might find it annoying. The construction of this gate is very tough and quite secure. We suggest not using this gate for the top of the stairs no drilling.


  • Unique locking mechanism
  • Possible to extend the width up to 50”
  • Good construction


  • Swings in one way only
  • Narrow opening

4. Evenflo Easy Walk Thru Top-of-Stairs Gate

4. Evenflo Easy Walk Thru Top-of-Stairs Gate

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Its name already shows a difference from other products on this list. This is one of the best baby gates for the top of the stairs. Its height is more or less than 30’’, so you can use 2-3’’ to mount the gate of your floor. Finally, it will be between 32 and 33’’ high. No bottom rail is available in this model, which is the reason why you can use it for stairs with uneven banisters as well. Though, you can make use of it for doorways too.

The best opening this gate fits is between 29’’ and 42’’ wide. The flip side is that you cannot expect the same extensions as in other above products. You can mount this gate in either right or left-handed opening as you wish. It is possible to swing the gate from either direction. You will get the removable swing-stop bar to avoid the situation in which the gate swings out.

Regarding the locking mechanism, we assumed it was very easy. However, it turns out to be quite different to open the gate with one of our hands. The locking is considered as challenging for 3-year-old curious babies to open. Therefore, you can be relieved that it is safe enough. Especially, this gate is equipped with indicators that tell you the locking condition. It is shown by the green and red indicators.

Great performance is what users still compliment after several months. There is no malfunctioning recorded. It is truly a bargain indeed.


  • Suitable for stairs
  • Locking is difficult for your babies
  • Get locking indicator


  • No extensions
  • Swings one way only

5. Munchkin Easy Close Metal Gate

5. Munchkin Easy Close Metal Gate

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Munchkin Easy-Close Metal is the last among the best baby gates in 2017 we want to introduce. It is also equipped with the most similar advantages, such as a child-proof locking system.

No auto-close feature exists in this product, so you can experience some trouble pushing closed in some cases. It is particularly difficult when you only use one hand. ​This is a tension-fit gate, so you probably have to use more pressure to mount it. Also, it is not a suitable option for solid doorway frames. Extensions are available, but you have to pay more money for them.


  • Great build quality
  • Childproof locking mechanism


  • Some reports on opening and closing troubles
  • More pressure for mounting

Types of Gates

Most baby gates on the current market belong to two different groups: hardware-mounted and pressure-mounted gates.

The first type, hardware-mounted, is more suitable in case you are worried that your baby might fall from higher places, such as stairs. This kind of gate needs bolting to framing inside your house’s walls. On the other hand, the other kind does not require much effort to set up. You just need to press them on opposing walls.

Pressure-mounted child gates are recommended when there is no need to worry about the likelihood of falling. Instead, they should exist between two rooms. Besides, it is useful to help you prevent your child from climbing stairs.

The warning for you is not to install pressure-mounted gates at the stair’s top because they are not effective enough to protect your child in this way. If you choose hardware-mounted gates, you need to accept the fact that holes will be drilled into the walls. But do not worry too much!

The safety of your baby should be taken into first consideration. Let’s find out what you need to pay attention to when choosing the best baby gates.

How to Choose Baby Gates

Even though there are only two types of baby gates, it is not easy to select the most suitable one for you. You need to consider a series of factors.

Where You Install the Gate

The place where you intend to install the gate has significant effects on which type you should go for.

If you need something for wide doorways, you should choose simple Swing-open gates.


It sounds hilarious, but the truth is no matter how hard you try to protect your baby, he or she can create unexpected situations for you.

Pulling, pushing, leaning on, or even biting the gate are just some typical examples of their attempts to ruin everything you have prepared.

Therefore, you need to check the sturdiness of the gates very carefully before making decisions. Remember that the gate’s main purpose is to keep the baby safe. It would be useless if you still had to keep an eye on the baby all the time.

Locking Mechanism

Another important feature of the best baby gates is that its locking mechanism should be too hard for your baby to open.

In fact, many products on the market have simple locks that over-2-year-old babies can easily open.

You should stay away from any types of gates that can be opened by pressing a simple button only. Or they just need to lift the gate easily. These gates prove useless in most cases.

Using One Hand to Open

Do you think this one is quite irrelevant? Let’s think about one day when you have to carry the baby and do other things, such as carrying laundry basket too.

Now, every time you go to the gate, do you want to put everything (or even your baby) down and then, take both hands to open it?

If the answer is No, you must have already understood why we emphasize this feature in the best baby gates.


In general, the baby’s safety is the priority when you have to select the best baby gates. And then, you should start paying attention to other factors in this list.

Where you install, the gate is crucial to the most suitable type of gate for you. If you intend to choose a gate for stairs, we recommend the Evenflo model. Other products will do wonders in other cases.

We hope that you find this information useful and do not forget to share it to other people!

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