6 Weeks Pregnant No Symptoms – What You Need To Know

6 weeks pregnant no symptoms

6 weeks pregnant – this is a very special stage because you will go through the first trimester after 6 next weeks. At once, you need to avoid contact toxins, viruses, or chemicals as they are capable of harming to the development of the fetus.

Something Related to 6 Weeks Pregnant

Don’t you recognize any symptoms during 6 weeks pregnant? Yes, you can be no symptoms throughout these weeks or you don’t recognize some small changes of the body.

What Do You Look Like?

6 Weeks Pregnant

At this stage, you won’t still look like pregnant. The pregnancy hormones continuously work in order to help the fetus be adhered into the uterine wall and develop.

In additional to that, your breasts are bigger and heavier while your waist quickly disappears. You can also feel dizzy and a bit dreamy. All can be considered as the normal signs of the first trimester.

Are You Allergic to the Smell of Food?

During this time, you may still feel afraid of some special dishes. The experts assume that this is a natural way so as to protect the fetus from the harmful foods.

You will also not feel as healthy as before when exercising – the breath is heavier and the body is easily more tired. Correspondingly, you should turn over lighter exercises.

Basically, you still need to maneuver every day, so you let combine it with your daily activities. Women who are overweight during pregnancy will be able to have many difficulties and risks at birth.

What Will Have the Changes in the Constitution during Pregnancy in the Sixth Week?

It tries to avoid skipping meals to prevent hypoglycemia and should choose the easy-to-digest foods. It is not necessary to eat what you do not like because of its health benefits.

  • Your pelvic begins feeling heavy and full dramatically. Even, it is likely worse when you are full or when you urinate. Look at the appearance, the pregnancy signs are not clear because your abdomen looks like normal.
  • You may feel your waist area thicker than usual. Although it is still not the time to wear the maternity cloth, you should select the pants with the elastic belt loops or a suitable dress.
  • You will feel tired and want to rest more in this week. Your sleeping is usually not enough. Correspondingly, let’s try to arrange a break or a nap. This one is very useful for regaining strength.
  • Since the sixth week, you may feel a bit of pain below the waist that you did not use to have before pregnancy.

The cause is due to the gradually large pressure from the uterus, which affects the lower spine. This pain has come and gone throughout pregnancy because the hormone levels are constantly increasing in your body.

How Will Your Emotion Change?

At this time, sometimes, you feel suspicious about pregnancy. It sounds that you are imaging that. Normally, not many pregnant women go to doctors. They mainly rely on the symptoms to convince yourself. Let’s be patient!

This sixth week is also as important as any weeks. Of course, your fetus has grown since you conceived.

You easily feel depressed and irritable. The temperament becomes erratic. Aside from that, you also start thinking of the baby, the name, and the sex. They occupy most your mind.

How Does the Fetus Change in This Week?

The embryo in your abdomen is officially called as the fetus. When being born, it is referred to as a “baby”. At this time, some couples have named for their fetus.

The fetus is less than 1 cm. The tiny tail has also gone away. The forehead is big, but the body is tiny. It will develop longer in some next weeks.

During this week, the fetus will form the top of the nose. The fingers, toes, lips, eyelids, and legs have clearly become. The position of the eyes is also different. They are closer to the temples.

It starts having some involuntary movements, but you will not be able to recognize this because it is very small. The fetus is still in C-shaped, similar to a bean, and loosely moving inside your womb.

Last But Not Least

In the sixth week of pregnancy, mothers should choose a comfortable bra. However, it is still early to wear the maternity bra or breastfeeding cloth.

Let’s rest when you feel tired. If possible, you should buy a pregnant pillow for pregnant women.

It goes to doctors to monitor your health during pregnancy. Keep in your mind, if you have any signs above, there are normal. Don’t worry if 6 weeks pregnant no symptoms. As mentioned, it is probably that your body is fooling you. Good healthy!!!

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