How To Choose The Best Bottle Sterilizer For Your Angle

Until your baby turns one year old, every milk bottles and feeding equipment which contact to milk need to be sterilized. Milk becomes a house for the harmful bacteria and the infant will be especially harmful to them.

Nothing is much important than baby's health and happiness. Be the parents, you always want to do everything to make sure your baby in the protection. One of the best ways is to invest in the good bottle sterilizer.

This article will go with you to find out the best bottle sterilizer for your lovely angle and fit your need.

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A. Some respects should be considered to choose the best bottle sterilizer

The sterilization guarantees that there are no harmful bacteria or bacilli which go from the bottle to baby’s digestion. The important thing is having a trusted model that you can trust to doing your sterilization all baby’s bottles and fit on your particular condition.

1. Types

There are many kinds of sterilizers in the market. There are three main kinds of bottle sterilizers:

Electric steam bottle sterilizers

They work by ejecting the steam into the bottle. These sterilizers are usually dry and deodorize the smell. They work quickly and effectively. It takes under 10 minutes to ready the baby's bottle but it tends to be expensive.

Microwave steam bottle sterilizers

They work quickly by making the team in the microwave. It takes about 5 minutes. It is often small and less expensive than the electric sterilizers.

The weakness of this microwave steam sterilizer is they are not dry and deodorize the smell.

UV sterilizers

They join in the bottle sterilizer market lately, but they are small, light and highly moveable. Because they have no need the outlet power, they become a good choice to bring along your baby

The weakness is they just only sterilize a part, not whole the bottle for once. Some of them are too small to sterilize the nipple. However, it seems to be better than you have nothing when bringing your baby out.

2. Materials

The material of the bottle sterilizer affects strongly to its quality. People usually care about the material in the hold of the sterilizer. All brands advertise their material is premium and safe, but the base requirement of the hold is primeval plastics non-BPA.

3. Price

The sterilizers own many price levels for you to choose. The expensive sterilizers are often bigger and able to sterilize many bottles at the same time. You should balance between your need and your finance ability.

If you just use in your family, you can consider the sterilizer that handles one bottle for one time.

The quality evaluation of the bottle sterilizers does not depend on the high or low price. It depends on the user’s demand. The high price is not equivalent the high quality.

4. Size

Although the hold of the sterilizer usually uses for many different kinds of the bottle, you should concern about the size of the bottle that fits on the sterilizer. It will be complicated if they are not suitable.

Some new model sterilizers can fit all bottles as for medela bottles, for Dr.Brown bottles, even for glass bottles, but it will be expensive.

It also depends on your need. Most of the home users choose the one bottle sterilizer. In present, the popular products are the sterilizers that allow sterilizing 3, 6 or 8 bottles for one time.

5. Capacity

The capacity of the sterilizer affects to the time it working. In fact, this is not important element when using at home. You can completely wait for more few minutes to clean the bottle.

The capacity also affects the using time after sterilizing. However, the popular waiting time is not over 3 hours.

6. Function

Although the name of this machine is the bottle sterilizer, you can completely use it to sterilize these different types of equipment which need to sterility.

Besides, you can concern to some different functions of the bottle sterilizers as an automatically interruption, warming up food or milk, time setting, food steaming, light signal and dryer.

7. Warranty and Customer Service

It is difficult to hope a good warranty period or customer service if you buy them in a small store. So, you should order the bottle sterilizer of the progressive brands or the large retail stores to be provided the best warranty and customer service.

The distributor often protects the consumer's right by providing the extra service as trial products, exchanging when you have just bought in particular days, free warranty, free transportation…

The bottle sterilizers can be guaranteed or not and the maximum time is 24 months.

8. The guiding of using the bottle sterilizers effectively

The bottle sterilizer will work when it has electricity. Depending on the particular machine, they have their own starting. Mom should do these steps as the guide of the manufacturer.

Some of the guides you can refer:

  • Put the devices which need to be sterilized into the machine and poured water in the guideline.
  • Close the sterilized lid and adjust the suitable time.
  • Do not open the lid until you want to pick the bottle.
  • Clear and clean the machine after using.


  • Take out the source wire after using and leave the device getting cold. Replace the wire immediately when it is broken down.
  • Clean it with a soft towel or a wet pad.
  • Do not sink this machine in water.
  • Don't clean the spare parts by the dishwasher.
  • Do not open the lid while it is working.

Last update on 2018-05-27 PST - Details

B. The best bottle sterilizers of the famous brand

At present, there are quite many bottle sterilizers in the market. That may confuse the consumers. But you can follow the below suggestion information and decide by yourself.

Depending on your finance, in each price level, they will give you the equivalent value.

We will note for you some famous sterilizer brands.

1. The First Years Power of Steam Electric Steam Sterilizer

The First Years Power of Steam Electric Steam Sterilizer is a killing bacteria superhero by using the electric steam device. It kills the normal family bacteria around the bottle, the nipple, and small toys.

The Steam Tower technology directs each steam inside the bottle to sterilize it both inside and outside, really “super clear”.

The electric sterilizer trend to stay at a stable price, but this product owns the acceptable price and efficiency.


  • Safely destroy all normal bacteria in bottle, nipple and small toys.
  • The original design that direct the steam inside deeply the bottle to better sterilize.
  • The tray can take apart to sterilize by the dry air.
  • Easy to use and easy to clean.
  • BPA free


  • Have three levels: two levels can be work with the bottle and the spare part, but the third level uses limited in the small accessories and toys.
  • The steam can flow water from the bottom, you should put a towel to protect the table.

2. Dr. Brown’s Microwave Steam Sterilizer

With the familiar brands of most mothers, Dr.Brown always brings the peace of mind and the safeness for both mothers and baby.

The microwave steam sterilizer of the Dr.Brown owns many useful features with the suitable price. So, it can be a good choice for you.

This is a model with the good price and easy to use. The most important thing is you have to be careful when sterilizing anything but the bottles.


  • Sterilize up to 4 bottles with full size or wide neck bottle just a few minutes.
  • Attach to a peg to easily use without any hot danger to your hand.
  • Easy to clean among the using times.


  • Sterilizing time is 6 minutes, longer than the other microwave sterilizers.
  • Not safe for the pumping milk equipment because the tube can be damaged in the microwave.
  • Of course, they work efficiently to the Dr.Brown's bottle though they can work with other brands but you have to take the time to find the way to fit it into the sterilizer.

Here is the video about the Dr.Brown bottle sterilizer:

3. UviCube UV Sterilizer, Sanitizer & Dryer for Baby Bottles, Toys, Electronics & More, Rocket Gray

UviCube is the first sterilizer for American infant to use the sterilization characteristic of the UV for everything as the bottle, nipple, mobile and electronic device.

If you want to own a flexible and quick sterilizer, this product is the best choice for you and your family.


  • The UV sterilizer without chemical is using the ultraviolet ray to eliminate 99.99% pathogenic bacteria, including e.Coli, H1N, even the dirty dust.
  • The working time is just a few minutes to sterilize the bottle, spare part, and vacuum milk machine.
  • Without hot water, this is a safe method for the busy condition to sterilize.
  • All items can be organized and store until using.
  • Dry and store the wet equipment as bottle, nipple, and glass without scalding.
  • Sterilize the surface of steam and temperature sensitive device.


  • With 15 pounds weight, it is not an easily moveable machine.
  • Unless you do exactly the guiding book, the bottles can not be sterilized.
  • This is an expensive model and the price is not for everyone.

4. Kiddiluv Microwave Steam Sterilizer – Fits 6 Baby Bottles

Kiddiluv Microwave Steam Sterilizer sterilized by Hygiene Pro microwave is designed to allow sterilizing quickly and efficiently in the wide neck bottle, the standard containing food bottle, nipple, cup and brush.

This microwave sterilizing product can work on the household commodities and the medical family devices. Hygiene Pro is designed to have the maximum capacity but still compact to use at home or traveling.


  • Keep up to 6 baby bottles both standard and wide-neck bottles.
  • Compact and easy to use.
  • Sterilizing time is between 5 to 7 minutes.
  • BPA free, friendly to the environment.


  • No choice to dry.
  • Water can be cut while sterilizing the bottle
  • The bigger size may not suit for each microwave. You have to measure before you order.
  • The lid is not locked, so you have to be careful when taking the lid out of the microwave.
  • The small size fits almost microwave but it is difficult to create the hot steam quickly to sterilize all the items in few minutes.

5. Philips AVENT Microwave Steam Sterilizer

The Philips AVENT Microwave Steam Sterilizer is known by the big size models and sterilizes 6 bottles for one time.

If you want a cheaper sterilizing solution, you can choose a single warming bottle that can sterilize the bottle function.


  • Reject 99.9% harmful bacteria in 2 minutes.
  • Easy to use in almost microwaves.
  • Keep sterile situation within 24 hours with the close lid.
  • Contain all kinds of Phillip Avent bottle.
  • Compact, light and small size.
  • BPA free.


  • Sterilization requires two minutes with 1.100-1.850 watt; 4 minutes with 850-1.100 watt; 6 minutes with 500-850 watt.
  • Just keep four bottles only.
  • Easily scalded when opening the lid before the machine becomes cool.


Sterilization the baby bottle is quite important if you want to keep your baby in healthy and safe condition without bacteria and bacilli. Many kinds of sterilizers you can choose depending on your need and your finance.

These above product categories are the information we show you to suggest for your choices. We can not affirm which sterilizer is the best for you, but you can consider and buy the best sterilizers of the progressive brands.

Do not demur to own the one if you have children in your house. That is not waste.

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