Top 5 Best Nursing Pads in 2024 Buying Guide

best nursing pads

For those who have never been used nursing pads, you could be surprised when your doctors recommend you to use these pads at home. In fact, childbirth mothers do not have to use these nursing pads. Nonetheless, they should have these products at home because they cannot control the time of leaking milk.

They can leave milk on their clothes, so if you want to prevent the leaking milk, you will prepare some pads at home after leaving the maternity department. The question is – how do you choose the best nursing pads in the market?

The function of breast pads

The nursing pads (or we call breast pads) are the products like the sanitary towels to cover your breasts. The material of these pads is drying ones to prevent heavy leaking milk from the breasts.

Some mothers do not recognize they have leaking milk because the amount of leaking milk is few. Even though you do not have a leaking milk situation, you could use it to balance the moisture in your breasts to avoid thrush or other bad infections in the nipple areas.

For those who always have leaking breast milk, you need to use it until six weeks after giving birth. It also depends on the amount of leaking milk of each woman after getting pregnant. When you understand the function of nursing pads, you will know how to use them. You just need to get the pad and put it on your nipple area in the bra.

Some considerations of the nursing pads before making purchases

  • The ease of comfort: after breastfeeding, you may feel hurt in the nipple areas. Therefore, you should choose nursing pads that are much more convenient for the whole of the day, especially in the hot summer.
  • The ease of use: besides the ease of comfort, you should think of using it. Choosing the nursing pads are fixed on your bra. They could not move when you have busy tasks daily or causing annoyance as you go.
  • The level of absorbing in nursing pads: you should choose the nursing pads that having deep absorbency to prevent leaking milk on your clothes. The quality of breast pads: we often choose the pads that are low in price, but do they have high – quality control? On the one hand, you might think that these nursing pads are the same one; however, high – quality pads can help you get out of ashamed while you are staying in the public areas.

The Best Nursing Pads for Childbirth Mothers

1. Lansinoh Stay Dry Disposable Nursing Pad

Lansinoh Stay Dry Disposable Nursing Pad is a well-known product. It also is estimated one of the best nursing pads for childbirth women because of their good stuff. With this pad, they are comfortable for using daily, and nobody can realize you are wearing nursing pads thanks to the invisible ones in your bra.

On the flip side, they soak up your sweat and leaking breast milk around your skin breast, and the nipple areas. You do not get the danger of thrush and other infections developing due to this product.


  • This pad has special materials that are made from honeycomb fabric covering so it can absorb leaking breast milk and you still comfort at all.
  • It also has waterproof layers so that your breast skin can breathe in the hot summer and you do not leave the sweat in clothes.
  • Childbirth women can use these pads in the morning and keep it until at night (expect you have already taken a bath).
  • It has a couple of tapes to stay close in your bra.
  • The manufacture packs them in individual coverings; women can use it everywhere.
  • They are available for large breasts and small breasts owners.


  • Because Lansinoh nursing pads 60 is notable for mother communities in the US, it is more expensive than other pads on the market.
  • To save your budget, you should buy a large number of them or wait for discount seasons.
  • Users should not use these pads too much time if they have sensitive skin.
  • For thrush nipples or for cracked nipples, users should not use them in a long time.

2. Johnson’s Nursing Pads 60 Count

Nursing pads Johnson and Johnson are one of the next nursing pads CVS in the current market. Moreover, they are famous nursing pads brand name in the mother communities. Likely the Lansinoh, they are invisible in your bra and clothes, and users use these products daily. Even if you have some problems inside your bra like heavy leaking, Johnson pads are suitable for leaking breast owners.

Because those pads prevent leaking breast milk, sweat, and keeping moisture on your breast areas. Furthermore, your nipple areas also able to breathe so that it could be an alternative option for thrush.


  • Johnson’s Nursing Pads 60 Count are the best nursing pads for small breast owners as the cup sizes are little small.
  • Thanks to the natural coverage (lining cloth), those pads can dry your leaking breast milk and be preserving the moisture in your breast areas.
  • They are designed to circle forms to fit your breast smoothly.
  • Users feel softer in those pads even though they are traveling.
  • They are also comfortable for sore nipples.


  • For those who must work outside from home or travel all the time, those pads are visible on clothes as they are thicker than other pads.
  • The manufacture does not pack them as individual wrapping.
  • They are also unavailable for large breasts women.

3. Bamboobies Super Soft Washable Nursing Pads

Bamboobies Super Soft Pads are created from the heart-shaped items that are suited to the shape of breasts. Users feel much comfortable because the materials are soft clothes and they smoothly absorb. There are three or six pads in each package with three different sizes for the day using and the night wearing. These pads also are estimated as one of the best nursing pads for mothers in the latest market.


  • They seem to be cloth nursing pads with natural fabrics like soft bamboo, cotton, and hemp which are eco-friendly environment ones.
  • These washable pads are not visible in your bra and clothes due to the thin model.
  • They soak leaking breast milk and the seat smoothly.
  • They are safe products for sensitive skin users.
  • Users can reuse those pads in a long period of time.


  • For those who are using nipple creams with lanolin ingredients, you might get danger in this product.
  • If you do not have much time, those reusable pads are not suitable for you because you should wash them to use again.
  • Those pads sometimes are not visible in your clothes as they have three colors – black, hot pink, and pale pink.

4. Medela Disposable Nursing Bra Pads 120 Count

With their strong points and lower in price than the Lanosh, Medela Nursing Pads 120 is figured out one of the best nursing pads for average income women.

They also absorb leaking breast milk and other liquid significantly from your breast skin areas.


  • Because of the cotton, nylon, and polymer cloth, these pads can soak up the liquid in your breasts.
  • The tapes of these pads are attached to the double-adhesive to stay close in your bra.
  • You totally choose the clothes you want without the hassle of these discreet pads.
  • The products are affordable for everyone to buy bulky pads for a while.


  • You should draw attention to use it over two hours as the liquid can get out of your bra.
  • Those breast pads are not eco – friendly environment items. Some users might allergic to the material of the pads.

5. Baby Zelis Ultra Soft

For those who have sensitive skin around the nipple areas, you are exhausted to use the nursing pads. With Baby Zelis Ultra Soft, you do not worry about the materials come from these nursing pads.

They are made from durable bamboo with hypoallergenic and other organic ingredients.


  • They have waterproof layers.
  • You can use it again after breastfeeding by washing them in the washing machine.
  • They are super soft for users.
  • They are also breathable to hide in your bras.


  • Some users said that these nursing pads do not absorb the leaking milk when they have too much milk.
  • They may lose their soft levels after washing.
  • It is not comfortable to remove the pads even though some users do not have to leak milk problems.


For those who do not have enough time to wash the nursing pads, you can choose Lansinoh Stay DryorJohnson’s Nursing Pads. If you want to come back natural materials and using the cloth nursing pads, Bamboobies Super Soft could be your selection. In a nutshell, you totally choose any product in the market, but you should consider your situation before making the best nursing pads.

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