6 Tips for Remodeling Your House (With Kids Around)

Remodeling a house? And with kids? Is this a challenge or what? Are you telling a true story?

Oh, yes and yes and yes and yes. Remodeling a house, and with kids, and yes, it is a big challenge, and yes, it is a true story. Remodeling with kids can be a tough job, but it can also be very useful. Don’t give up, just think of family bounds, and how much you love doing things together and how your little helpers can do a great job.

1. Remodeling with kids

Undertaking remodeling the house is a great challenge any time, and especially when you are doing it with kids. But, don’t let that fact scare you, here you’ll get some pointers and suggestions on how to live through remodeling with kids.

They are going to be around every step you make, ask millions of unbelievable questions, take away your tools just when you need them the most, lose something that you just put in a safe place, and so on. You just need to give them the right instructions to make them stay out of the way.

2. First of all: safety

If you’re doing some major remodeling and there will be gasses, strong vapor and heavy machinery, there is no blockade that you can trust enough to keep your children safe. So if you’re, for instance, replacing your insulation with something you’ve found on this website, make sure your kids are not there during this process. 

The best way to keep them safe is to take them to their grandparents, or cousins or trusted friends. Tell them that everything is dirty and loud and dangerous, and promise that when the ugly work is done, they will take part in remodeling because you could never finish it without them. Keep them away and keep them safe during this step.

3. The best time of year

Spring and summer turn out to be the best seasons for remodeling. It is warm enough outside; you need no heating and you don’t have to think of jackets and warm sweaters. And don’t think of cooking too much, picnics on a blanket with takeaway foods are the best meals kids can imagine, and it will not ruin their diet, for it will not last forever.

They will experience a great creative vacation, where they will have to do some minor jobs just to keep them busy, so they stay out of the way for some more important jobs their parents will take care of. Designate a safe area where they will be spending most of their time, let them plan and draw their rooms, and think of some easy crafts that will keep them close but also busy.

4. Let friends know what is your current mission

If you have friends that have kids, or you just have friends that like kids, let them all know what your current mission is. Everybody will offer help, either to bring food or to look after your kid for a day or two.

5. No hurry – no fuss

You can’t be as efficient with kids as you would be without them. So, do not try to rush the work or you will be nervous and make everyone else nervous as well. Additionally, don’t rush back into spaces that are not ready for living. Think of all the fumes after painting, and give a room enough time to air out until the paint is completely dry.

You have a lifetime to live in a newly renovated house, so you can wait a couple of days until everything is finished and clear.

6. Engage your kids in the remodeling process

Remodeling is as exciting to your kids as it is to you. Make them feel very important by asking them about the color of their walls, covers on their beds, rugs, curtains, etc. Let them design their room, but tell them about all the stuff they need now and they will need in the future.

Of course, you can change their designs with a good explanation, but let them think about the work that is to be done.

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